Sheffield has changed enormously over my lifetime. We’ve welcomed people to work and study, as well as many fleeing persecution and war, and are now are a city with people drawn from every corner of the world. This book provides a valuable insight into the journey we’ve travelled and the rich cultural mix that is Sheffield today.

Paul Blomfield, MP for Sheffield Central

An engaging, thorough and extremely well-researched history of the many different migrant communities that have made Sheffield one of the most diverse cities in the UK. In celebrating and remembering Sheffield’s rich history of migration, Price also offers a positive and thoughtful vision of the city’s future.

Matthew Carr, founder of ‘One Day without Us’

It is an informative and invaluable overview of Sheffield’s international population, and shows how people from all over the world have contributed significantly to the social and economic development of the City. This book is an important contribution to knowledge and will assist with informed discussion especially around contentious migration matters, and help to quell prejudiced opinions.

Revd Dr Inderjit Bhogal, President, City of Sanctuary

This is an absorbing historical account of the new arrivals into Sheffield life. Extensively researched, documented and ambitious in scope.

Pedro Fuentes, Chair, Sheffield Chilean Community Association

This salutary book casts a surprising light on a very English city. All English cities have been shaped by their incomers; they encompass communities in constant transition. Here is Sheffield’s distinctive experience of such shaping. It is a snapshot but the focus is sharp. It testifies to the voluntary sector’s role in prodding local government to live up to Sheffield’s healthy reputation for running counter to what central government thinks best.

Clyde Binfield, Emeritus Professor of History, University of Sheffield

A comprehensive and enlightening survey of a complex and very contemporary urban situation: the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-lingual reality that is Sheffield today.

Mike Reynolds, Chair of Trustees, City of Sanctuary Sheffield.